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Welcome to the AJAX UI Toolkits Wiki

This project identifies and organizes in tabular form, the major UI components that are critical to develop a rich internet application user experience. Each toolkit on the Wiki is listed using the same archetypal components, so that at a glance, developers and CTOs can determine which toolkits meet their specific requirements at the level of user experience. We encourage AJAX developers and toolkit vendors to work with us and nurture this Wiki into a primary resource and educational tool.



Catalyst Resources began this Wiki as an adjunct to their internal quarterly survey of AJAX Toolkits and Frameworks for business applications.

The Catalyst Resources survey reviews the top AJAX toolkits and frameworks in terms of UI components necessary to deploy professional applications that deliver optimal user experience. It also provides a brief framework for how an organization can evaluate the toolkits for use in application integration and development - both for customer portals or internal-facing services.

By opening up the survey to the AJAX community, we hope to enhance the up-to-dateness and developer relevance of the information. Tool authors can update their own information, while AJAX experts can add comments and additions based on their own user experience development work. We also hope this provides a quick way to evaluate toolkits from a user experience development perspective and help to encourage the advancement of better development tools overall.

There is nothing more painful than starting an AJAX redevelopment project and then finding out that you have selected the wrong development framework from a basic user experience perspective. The goal of this Wikia is to give organizations enough information to reduce the chance of this kind of costly error, and get them started on the right path to developing great AJAX-enhanced user experiences.

Questions about the Wiki

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